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Crystal Dynamics Confirms New Tomb Raider Game

Crystal Dynamics Confirms New Tomb Raider Game

A new video statement shared with the aid of using the respectable Tomb Raider account on Twitter has showed that a brand new "Tomb Raider" sport is withinside the works, and that it'll make use of Unreal Engine five. Which is quite thrilling information for collection enthusiasts as there hasn`t been a brand new launch withinside the collection because 2018's "Shadow of the Tomb Raider."

In the video, a consultant from Crystal Dynamics explains that, as of today (April 5th, 2022), the improvement group has commenced improvement on the following access withinside the "Tomb Raider" collection. And that it plans to make use of the brand new engine to create what it refers to as "subsequent-degree storytelling and gameplay experiences." In different words, Unreal Engine five might be going to make the sport appearance truly impressive.

According to Crystal Dynamics' spokesperson, "Our purpose is to push the envelope of fidelity, and to supply the high-quality, cinematic movement journey revel in that enthusiasts deserve from each Crystal Dynamics and the 'Tomb Raider' franchise."

Don't get too excited yet

While information of a brand new access in a liked sport collection it's been incredibly quiet for 4 years is certain to get enthusiasts buzzing, it is probably a bit too quickly for that. At the instant the best records that Crystal Dynamics has shared is that improvement has begun, that could suggest the sport has commenced manufacturing, or that it is starting its pre-manufacturing phase. Given the quantity of time it takes to provide maximum video games — specifically withinside the AAA area wherein there are such a lot of transferring components to the process — it is possibly we may not be seeing Lara Croft's subsequent journey for some years at least.

There's additionally been no indication of what this new "Tomb Raider" will entail; whether or not it'll be a follow-up to "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" (which appears possibly), or a brand new tale entirely. We additionally do not know if it'll persist with the form of survival, exploration, and crafting-heavy method of the extra current games, if there can be larger tombs, extra combat, or extra puzzles. We additionally do not know what structures it'll launch on — possibly PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, however perhaps now no longer PS4 or XboxOne. There is not a popular launch date estimate, either.

For the time being, all we understand for certain is that Crystal Dynamics is running on another "Tomb Raider," Square Enix is possibly nonetheless publishing, and that we want to be patient.

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