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Elon Musk May Have Almost Sold Tesla To Apple, But Tim Cook Didn't Want It

Elon Musk May Have Almost Sold Tesla To Apple, But Tim Cook Didn't Want It

The chaos Elon Musk is presently going through post-Twitter acquisition isn't the primary patch of hard avenue the world`s richest character has encountered throughout his commercial enterprise career. Some would possibly say it follows him round like Jack Frost nipping at one's nose. It's now no longer even the primary time chaos has reigned throughout his Tesla tenure.

In 2004, Musk took $6.three million of the $one hundred eighty million he crafted from the sale of PayPal (to eBay) and dropped it into the electrical automobile employer. Contrary to famous belief, Musk turned into now no longer the only or maybe authentic founding father of Tesla, however certainly considered one among 5 that blanketed the 2 OG masterminds, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning.

Drama over who could end up CEO spread out like a scintillating Latin America telenovela, one which ran for some years because the employer sped in the direction of a September 2007 manufacturing begin date for the Roadster. Designs had been faulty, prototypes failed, manufacturing fees skyrocketed, allegations had been made, and co-founders filed inner court cases in opposition to every different. Musk in the end have become CEO in 2008 (thru CNBC) after making an investment another $20 million into Tesla (thru Wired).

In 2013 Musk found out that during 2008 each SpaceX and Tesla had been at the verge of bankruptcy — on the identical time. That's a powerful daunting prospect to stand while you are the founding father of one (SpaceX) and CEO of the different (Tesla). While the Roadster released to rave reviews, the hardships persevered and in the end led Musk to an electrifying commercial enterprise choice to try to take a chunk out of Apple.

Musk and Cook have a complex relationship

In 2020, Musk Tweeted that in a mainly hellish phase (2017 into 2018) of its first mass-marketplace EV (the Model three), he contacted Apple's CEO Tim Cook to peer if the tech large had any hobby in shopping for Tesla. Why? According to an Axios interview, Musk claimed the EV maker turned into "bleeding cash like crazy" and turned into literally "single-digit weeks" from going under.

The employer wished on the spot help, or Tesla's dying turned into imminent. The provide at the desk to buy Tesla turned into for "1/10" of the employer's cost on the time. But Cook refused to take the meeting. According to Forbes, Cook's choice value Apple $640 billion. Tesla prevented the worst-case state of affairs and weathered the proverbial storm, however like every appropriate telenovelas ... a terrific subplot by no means clearly dies.

In the summer time season of 2021, the book "Power Play: Tesla, Elon Musk and the Bet of the Century" turned into released, written with the aid of using Wall Street Journal reporter Tim Higgins. The writer claims that now no longer most effective did a telecellsmartphone name among the 2 CEO's happen, however that Musk demanded a sale ought to most effective arise if he remained CEO, in the end casting off Cook from his position. Cook is stated to have screamed an expletive and hung up the telecellsmartphone. You cannot make these things up. Or perhaps you could due to the fact each events have publicly said they by no means spoke, met, or maybe wrote to every different approximately the subject.

Oh, however that is the cleaning soap opera that by no means dies! Cook and Musk these days were given right into a social media feud after Musk claimed Apple had eliminated maximum of its marketing and marketing from Twitter and threatened to drag it from its App Store. Cook and Musk met to hash it out, however will the truce hold? Stay tuned.

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