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Gilt funds – Your investment made safe

Mutual fund market has something special in funds everyone in accordance with their personal interest and expectation. Not everyone looks for the funds with high returns since risks also come as a part of it. Some give importance to returns when others give importance to less or almost no risks. It is quite common that the rate of return decreases with less risk and increases with more risks. If you are looking for mutual funds with almost Zero risks than the high rate of returns, then here is the best product for you.

GILT Funds

These funds are specially designed for investors who love put their investment on safe hands. In gilt funds, investments are made on fixed income securities issued by the Government of the country with almost Zero risk factors to the investors. This gives utmost satisfaction for the people who love to be free from the usual risks.

Safe investment

GILT funds are said as the safe investment portfolio in mutual funds. Yes, your investment goes to the safe hands and the returns are guaranteed as RBI (Reserve Bank of India) play an important role in gilt funds. Moreover, these funds give an excellent opportunity for any of the investors with a dream to invest in government securities with a pocket-friendly amount of Rs. 5000.

Rate of returns

Rate of returns for these funds can fall between 8% to 10% or more. These funds are certainly less risky when compared to corporate bonds and it gives better returns than direct investment. There are several leading gilt fund providers in the market. It is a good idea to compare the leading funds in accordance with the expected rate of returns to select the right one that better suit your goals before making the investment.

Investment made easy

Most of the investors are worried about the tiring paper works related to investment. But the now making investment is made free from the hassles of paperwork by leading online portals. Reputed portals provide services that make you free from commission and charges. You can make use of listing to select different funds that match with your goals, returns, risks, and other factors. Now you can sign-up with free KYC and start investing in hand-picked funds.

Start investment with the first salary

Have you got your first salary? Then it is the right time to make use of your finance in a better way. Start investing in government securities through gilt fund. This makes you a good investor and accumulates a good amount to safeguard your future. Start your investment as early as possible since most of the people who made gigantic returns have made their investment for a good period of time.

Not it is your time to have a look at the top gilt funds of the country. You can get complete information about funds, list of best funds and gateway to make your investment from reputed online mutual fund platform. Switch on your computer and make your investment for a bright future.

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